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Apply to Have Unconsented Building Works Retrospectively Approved with a Certificate of Acceptance.

Obtain a Certificate of Acceptance for Any Unconsented Building Work Carried Out at Your Property

Thousands of homes in New Zealand have been subject to unconsented building works. This can lead to a number of issues, including council fines, refusal of insurance cover, and – in extreme cases – a property being issued a Notice to Fix due to safety concerns.

Unconsented building work includes all additions or alterations to a property that require a building consent by law but have been undertaken without obtaining prior consent.

This includes common issues like:

  • Garages converted to sleepouts
  • Structural walls removed
  • Rooms added into the roof space
  • Bathrooms moved
  • Change of Use – Residential to Commercial or vice versa
  • Building Consent has expired without a CCC being issued

If your property has unconsented building work completed after 1 July 1992, you’ll need to file for a Certificate of Acceptance. If the work was completed prior to July 1992, you can lodge a Safe and Sanitary Report to accompany the council’s property file.

How to get a Certificate of Acceptance

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a retrospective building consent.

If unconsented alterations have already taken place, then a CoA is your only option.

To obtain a CoA, you need to demonstrate to the Council how the unauthorised building works comply with all appropriate clauses of the current building code. (Not the code that was in effect when the alterations took place). This includes providing evidence and documentation to a building surveyor, who then compiles and evaluates a formal report to be lodged with the Council.

To help make this process as quick and easy as possible, we can take care of compiling and lodging your report for you and help you understand and resolve any potential issues standing in the way of compliance.

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